Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Diagnostic tests, saunas and no-gi bjj

This morning I wrote most of the diagnostics tests assigned for the first week of studying by the Princeton Review MCAT course. However due to some technical difficulties the sight would not register my results... I called in customer service/ tech-support. After the discussion with customer service I can honestly say I would recommended this course for anyone planning to write the MCAT, the service is outstanding and the material is very in depth. Afterwards the contractor came to finish up the last little bit of construction left in the sauna (just looping the wire/thermostat around the door away from the heat source). I am very pleased with how the sauna turned out. After this I did some practice questions for physics and chemistry before having to leave for BJJ training.

Training today was warm up, then 4 long rounds of rolling. I guess I must be back in form because the 4 rounds felt like they went by so quick and I didn't feel that tired at the end of it. Today I rolled first with another judo guy trains at Toronto BJJ (big asian guy), he's been training for much longer in BJJ than I have. The roll was back and forth, standing and on the ground and ended with neither of us getting the submission. For the second match I rolled with "the Spaniard"; I really enjoy fighting against him because he uses a good balance of technique and strength, plus he always gives me tips and suggestions. He caught me with a rear naked choke one time today when I tried to pressure from top and pass his guard; he quickly arm dragged me and took my back. I guess I haven't adjusted to not giving my back yet (judo habit). For the third match I went up against Reuben "Gracie" (everyone in the club calls him that). He is a high level purple belt but today felt a lot better going up against him than the first time I rolled with him. I used less strength and focused more on scrambles and techniques. At one point I almost caught him with a reverse arm bar but then I missed my chance to transition to the omoplata. The last match of the night was versus Chichinyo (a high level brown belt); we worked mostly on stand up but it was very difficult as both of us were sweaty and the mats were slippery. I attempted some double and single leg take downs for the first time in a long long time (in judo there are no more leg grabs so I stopped practicing those techniques).

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with peanut butter, Coffee with milk

Lunch: Broccoli and chicken breast omelet, green tea

Dinner: Protein shake, granola bar

After practice: Protein bar

Thoughts of the day:

1) Practice deep drop seoi (left and right) and try to explode up with the finish
2) Work on strengthening foot sweeps
3) Continue to work from the top in newaza

*Note: I'll post a picture of the first use of the sauna tomorrow

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